Marketing research

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Marketing research by Mind Map: Marketing research

1. quantitative

1.1. used at the confirmatory stage of situatin assessments part of hypothesis- building process

1.2. test specific hypothesis about how customers or channels might behave

2. experimental research

2.1. which examines the casual relationship between one variable and another

3. qualitative

3.1. used at the exploratory stage of situation assessmentas part of a hypothesis-building process

3.1.1. focus group: is a discution between six to ten customer to determine what they might be looking for a new product

4. it is the process by which marketing information is collected and analyzed.

4.1. RESEARCH DESINGS: exploratory research identify variables of interest and learning the language of the customer

4.2. DESCRIPTIVE DESINGS: identify the relevant variable in the market place and then descriptive research to ascertain their values (quantitative)

4.3. EXPERIMENTAL RESEARCH: Laboratory or Field

5. method of data collection

5.1. focus group

5.2. interviews

5.3. phone surveys

5.4. questionnaires

5.5. panels