Innovation: Reusable Bag Library (RBL)

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Innovation: Reusable Bag Library (RBL) by Mind Map: Innovation: Reusable Bag Library (RBL)

1. Current Innovation: [email protected]

1.1. Strength

1.1.1. Hassle free

1.2. Positive Impact

1.2.1. Increase convenience

1.2.2. Raise awareness of plastic usage

1.3. Causes of Positive Impact

1.3.1. Effort put in to conserve environment

1.4. Limitation

1.4.1. Small scale

1.4.2. Not sustainable

1.5. Negative Impacts

1.5.1. Difficulty in supervision

1.6. Causes of Negative Impacts

1.6.1. Student may not return the bags

1.7. Adaptation

1.7.1. Larger scale

2. Target Audience & Agent

2.1. Target Audience

2.1.1. Elderly Retired (Above the age of 62) Not very mobile Kiasu Not aware of how to be part of the conservation efforts

2.2. Target Agent

2.2.1. Neighbourhood supermarket Convenient and easily accessible Supermarkets are selling reusable bags, but very little customers would but it

3. Proposal

3.1. Pre-events

3.1.1. Education and Advertising Door to door brochures low cost distribution channel increasing participation rates Games educate the elderly to do their part to save the environment Learning experiences of the elderly in a light-hearted manner Sing along session Creative,easily understandable and environmentally-friendly lyrics

3.1.2. The Comic wall adding soft pastel colours to the plain coloured walls Capture more attention sense of responsibility for the environment

3.2. Main Events

3.2.1. Machinery Increase efficiency reduce manpower usage

3.3. Post Event

3.3.1. Weekly inspection ensure a sustainable long term project

3.3.2. Accumulation of points for redemption of gifts encourage elderly to participate

4. Evaluation of issues

4.1. Not translating knowledge into actions

4.2. Lack of money

4.3. Sanitation of Reusable bags

4.4. Lack of reusable bags for sustainability

4.5. Dishonest act accumulate points to redeem gifts

4.6. Problems regarding the elderly using the machine