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ADDIE by Mind Map: ADDIE

1. Analysis

1.1. This is the first step to any learning initiative - What is the training need? The rest of the steps build on from this analysis. I personally begin with a learning strategy document, including learners needs assessment and strategy.

1.1.1. Goal - What skills or behaviors are required What is the gap between what the individuals know and what they need to know?

1.1.2. Learners' Needs - Who is the audience? Demographics, skills, current knowledge, learning preferences?

1.1.3. Scope - What is the timeline? What resources do we have available for training? What training methods are appropriate for the audience?

2. Design

2.1. Plan the training in this phase - use the information gathered to decide on the approach and lesson plans. I create a storyboard at this point including topics, and activities and materials needed for each one.

2.1.1. What are the Learning Objectives?

2.1.2. What media will be used to deliver training? What materials and activities will be created?

2.1.3. How many courses, how long, who will deliver?

3. Development

3.1. Create the actual course content. I spend a significant amount of time at this stage, ensuring that the content follows the plan and meets the learning objectives.

3.1.1. Draft materials and resources. Usually a combination of media, PPT slides, video, camtasia, handouts, surveys, train the trainer documents, etc.

3.1.2. Review and approval of materials

4. Implementation

4.1. Deliver the training to the learners - all the hard work of planning and creation comes to fruition here!

4.1.1. In person or online training is delivered to participants

5. Evaluation

5.1. Gather feedback throughout each phase (green arrows). Gather feedback after delivery and use the results to inform future trainings. I use feedback to create a list of actions for continual improvement.

5.1.1. 1. Did participants react positively?

5.1.2. 2. Did participants learn the new skill/behavior?

5.1.3. 3. Did job performance change as a result of training?

5.1.4. 4. Did change in behavior positively affect organization?