Application Support Engineering

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Application Support Engineering by Mind Map: Application Support Engineering

1. DataDog / Kibana

2. R-T-S

2.1. Performance Issue

2.1.1. Confirm Issue in Customers Environment Check Booking/Sweeping /Import If there is any activity it will be slow No Activity

2.1.2. Multiple Clients Reporting Report S2E

2.2. Sweep Check/ Booking Job

2.2.1. Check OPS Console

2.3. Access Control Issues

2.3.1. Confirm Access control in clients Environment

2.4. Down Issue

2.4.1. Confirm Issue Check S2E Report to S2E

2.5. Misc

2.5.1. LeaseAcc Router Indicative of a crash Memory Issue QAR/MAR/BYOR Leger Export/ Acct. Workbook/Account Classification report Multiple clients reporting Java Heap over 1.8 Beta, 5.5 Prod

2.5.2. UI out of synce