Social Events (social situation)

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Social Events (social situation) by Mind Map: Social Events  (social situation)

1. 1. Connecting to people by talking to them and exchanging conversation

2. 2. Hosts, people that are invited, viands, the place where the gathering will happen and entertainment to keep them energized in the social gathering.

3. 3. *The host serves as the master of the ceremony. He/she must keep the program lively and energetic. *The invited people will make the event and socialization possible. *Some entertaining activities will keep the people more interactive in their socializing. *The place is one of the important factor to make the event happen.

4. 4. A social event will be possible if the parts are present. If there will be missing in any of the parts, there could be no social gathering.

5. 5. There could be gaps or failures when this will happen. Factions in group of people may occur and also the lack preparation to make the event fail.