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ADDIE by Mind Map: ADDIE

1. Analyze End-of-course Feedback from both Students and Instructors

1.1. Did the learners learn what they were supposed to learn, based on course outcomes and learning objectives?

2. Review Formative Feedback

2.1. Apply feedback gathered during all phases of ADDIE process to improve instruction.


3.1. Identify Audience of Learners

3.1.1. Who is the intended audience of this instruction? What are the learners' characteristics?

3.2. Specify Goals of Instruction

3.2.1. What do we want the learners to learn, and why?

3.3. Determine Scope of Project

3.3.1. What is the time frame? What are the resources available? How is the instruction being delivered?


4.1. Create Course Learning Outcomes and Measurable Learning Objectives

4.1.1. What do we want the learner to know or do by the end of the instruction/course? What do we want the learner to be able to do (in the unit/module)? Use measurable action words from Bloom's Taxonomy, not "understand" or "know."

4.2. Design Learning Activities that Assess the Learning Objectives

4.2.1. How do we measure what the learner knows? Design learning activities using the actual words from the learning objectives.

4.3. Generate Ideas Using Storyboards

4.3.1. Utilize storyboarding tools to visualize overall course. Create prototype course.


5.1. Produce Learning Materials

5.1.1. Compile results from Design phase into template. Assemble learning resources, readings, assignments, assessments, learning activities.

5.2. Refine and Edit Learning Materials

5.2.1. Proofread learning materials. Organize for proper flow and navigation.

5.3. QA/Test Materials

5.3.1. Ensure that learning materials function correctly and are user friendly.


6.1. Deliver Course Instruction to Learners

6.1.1. Upload learning materials to LMS; course is live.

6.2. Train Instructors and Learners

6.2.1. Provide any training or support necessary to staff, instructors, trainers, and students.