Live Talent - Orlando Trade Show Models

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Live Talent - Orlando Trade Show Models by Mind Map: Live Talent - Orlando Trade Show Models

1. Address: 111 N Orange Ave Suite 800 Orlando FL 32801 USA Phone: (407) 363-3949 Email: [email protected] Website: Live Talent presents trade show models, brand ambassadors, promo models, and event staffing for companies in Orlando and all around the United States. This branch of Live Talent is located near the Orange County Convention Center. A trade show model in Orlando is someone that is hired to interact with visitors and prospective clients at a convention. They often work in the booth, at a table, or simply standing near the booth. Trade show models will interact with consumers and possible customers to serve to help generate interest in products, services, and help generate leads. Trade show models are also known as brand ambassadors, promo models, booth models, promotional models, product experts, event greeters, convention models, and entertainers.