Bipolar (Center for Clinical Intervention)

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Bipolar (Center for Clinical Intervention) by Mind Map: Bipolar (Center for Clinical Intervention)

1. Symptomes

1.1. Cognitive changes in mania

1.1.1. Increased Optimism & Grandiousity

1.1.2. Paranoia

1.1.3. Increased Fluency of Ideas

1.1.4. Thinking Errors in Mania

1.1.5. Recognising Symptomes

2. Treatment

2.1. General

2.1.1. Medications for bipolar disorder Principles of Medication Managment Phases of Treatment Types of Mediations for Bipolar Disorder Mood Stabilisers Antiedepressants Antipsychotic Medication

2.1.2. Psychotherapy for bipolar disorder Cognitive Behavioural Theraphy Research Summary

2.2. Keeping your Balance - Stragedies

2.2.1. Cognitive Cognitive changes in Mania The Cognitive Behavioural Approachh to Preventing Mania An Exemple of a "Balance" Sheet The "Balance" Sheet Moudule Summary

2.2.2. Balance Management Self Thought Coping Coping Resources Worksheet Problem Solving Problem Solving Worksheet

2.2.3. Behavorial Behavorial Stragedies for Preventing Mania Weekly Activity Schedule Organising the Ideas List Mooudule Summary