Technology Integration

Technology Steering Meeting

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Technology Integration by Mind Map: Technology Integration

1. Data Maintenance

1.1. Tank Set up

1.1.1. Heel

1.1.2. safety stock

1.1.3. Pump tube LOWEST possible

1.1.4. Target customer vs. Full Density

1.1.5. Installation 30 per week (4 per customers = 8 customers)

1.2. Customers

1.2.1. location

1.2.2. delivery window

1.2.3. PO requirements

1.2.4. email for communications

1.3. Items

1.3.1. Product Type & Allow Del. Vessel (Dual, Bulk, Etc.)

1.4. Maintenance

1.4.1. Tank Alarms

1.4.2. Data Integrity

1.4.3. Tank Optimization Swap Outs

1.5. Trucks & Drivers

1.5.1. Max hours

1.5.2. Compartments, capacities

1.5.3. Limitations (Dual, bulk, small, etc.)

2. Order Requirements

2.1. Bulk Monitors - 7 day planning

2.1.1. delivery quantity determination

2.1.2. trigger tank other low tanks (same product, same customer) geography

2.1.3. delivery optimization - target areas/dates

2.1.4. Purchasing/Supply Chain view further out

2.1.5. prompt customer package order w/ bulk processing accurate contact info, suggested product list from history, ecomm link or link to request account (can we get ahead of the account set ups?)

2.2. Other Orders

2.2.1. Ecommerce

2.2.2. ACE Upload

2.2.3. Customer Service steer customer to ecommerce via "i see you've visited i reset your password" or "i've set you up"

2.3. Package history - volume in cases/drums what can we do for predictive improvements

3. Dispatch

3.1. Delivery Efficiency

3.1.1. add on orders from other places (non tank monitoring orders) Target gallons per day per truck

3.2. Open Order Report

3.2.1. Duplicate orders w/ recent orders not just open orders

3.2.2. in lieu of freight planning, include future requested dates, backorders w/ accurate future date (when the PO is coming in), include credit holds how accurate are incoming PO dates or redated backorders? Report by SKU of number of backorders

3.3. Load sheets

3.3.1. capacity plan by GA and LB

3.3.2. Truck type / limitations (bulk only, package, dual, small, etc.)

3.3.3. Required EQP for pump drums, etc.

4. Reconciliation

4.1. True delivery quantities

4.2. Paperless

4.3. Return quantities and inventory adjustment

5. Implementation

5.1. Pilot in Fox Valley - >100 tanks

5.1.1. Right resource (&Skillset) for Dispatching