Dealer sign up and floor stock application

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Dealer sign up and floor stock application by Mind Map: Dealer sign up and floor stock application

1. Dealers' Credit Assessment

2. Buy-in our process

3. User Interface - Dealer log in with username and password

4. Upload purchase agreement (designed by tradePal

5. Details of the deal - Authorisation - Full Settlement - For seller and buyer

6. Floorstock amount - Acceptance and agreement by dealer

7. Internal ops process - Valuation - Authentication - Seller ID - Car details (LTA) - Contact seller

8. Internal ops - Check outstanding car loan - Confirm delivery arrangement

9. Seller to agree to tradePal's request for sale initiation (LTA) with undertaking to be paid by TP

10. LTA- Sale initiation to tradePal tradePal to accept

11. Car title under tradePal's name - Floorstock financing drawn down and Interest starts counting

12. Initiation accepted

13. Period between car initiation and car collection - Dealers must undertake all risks like accidents or traffic offences

14. Car Collection - Final Confirmation of Seller and dealer - How to handover car?

15. Statement of account for this deal - Prepare to pay seller for next balance due

16. Possible scenarios - no outstanding car loan - car loan outstanding lower than selling price - car loan outstanding more than selling price

17. Car collected by dealer with one spare key to tradePal

18. Full settle outstanding car loan

19. APFLAS to clear title

20. Signing of Master recourse agreement - Joint and Several guarantee of all directors/partners of company

21. E transfer to tradePal