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Values by Mind Map: Values

1. Trust Others

2. Be Proactive

3. Respect Others

4. Have fun

5. Recruitment, induction, probation

5.1. The values encourage the behaviours we need for self organisation to work really well

6. Development, performance, progression

6.1. How can we make values part of these to encourage people to go over and above

7. Visible

7.1. Screensavers, desktop background image, stickers, postcards, something for the office wall, custom Emoji in Slack (Trust, Respect, Fun, Proactive)

7.1.1. Need a design for the values

8. Use them everyday

8.1. Link changes and new ideas to them

9. The time is now

9.1. Easier to embed and create the culture in a smaller team

10. Rituals and habits

10.1. The ANNA Awards, Potluck Lunches, The Ministry Of Fun, Wimbledon

11. Focus

11.1. Try focussing on one value at a time starting with the one we can get greatest benefit from improving on

12. Leading by example

12.1. This is what makes values work, if we all follow the values then this happens naturally

12.1.1. Great opportunity for CX Team to lead by example (within ANNA)