Can I use generated Subharmonics in sound design?

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Can I use generated Subharmonics in sound design? by Mind Map: Can I use generated Subharmonics in sound design?

1. How will I produce them?

1.1. Sound Source

1.1.1. Do different sources produce different results?

1.2. Voltage Offsets

1.2.1. do these control the pitch of the subharmonic or the volume?

1.3. Feedback

1.3.1. can I create multiple subharmonics by feeding some of the output back into the source?

2. Feasible for production?

2.1. Are they Dynamic?

2.1.1. Does it follow the note?

2.1.2. Do I need to alter the patch for each note or can I automate it?

2.2. Do they work for all frequencies?

2.2.1. good for bass as well as leads?

2.3. Polyphonic or Monophonic?

2.3.1. are the subharmonics based on all root harmonics of the source or just the first one?

3. Aesthetics

3.1. Do they sound good?

3.2. How does it alter the sound?

3.2.1. Does it make a sound more "real"?

3.3. What styles of music would it suit best? Why?

4. Affect

4.1. Do they alter the original affect of the sound?

4.1.1. Does it change the affect? does it make sad, happy?

4.2. Can these changes be used to enhance particular affective meaning?

4.2.1. does it make sad music more sad?

5. Future production

5.1. Will this method of subharmonic generation effect your future projects?

5.1.1. easy to replicate?

5.1.2. easy to configure?

5.2. Are there other methods of generating subharmonics which would work better?

5.2.1. Upgrade path

5.2.2. Gear acquisition

5.3. Does your results generate any ideas for future projects?

5.3.1. What FX would you use?

5.3.2. Any particular musical styles/genres in mind?

6. What is a subharmonic?

6.1. Are they natural?

6.2. Do they occur in acoustic instruments?