Crash Pads, Inc.

Crash Pads is a US manufacture of sports protective wear. We have been around since 1992. We design and manufacture many products in many markets including, snowboard, skiing, biking, skating, roller derby, soccer, hockey, motor sports and more. Some of our most popular styles include hip padding, padded shorts, padded tops and tailbone padding. We are proud to be a US manufacturer and hope you will enjoy all of the sports protective gear that Crash Pads offers.

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Crash Pads, Inc. by Mind Map: Crash Pads, Inc.

1. Short Snowboard Pants

1.1. Whether you’re a newbie or seasoned snowboard player, ensure your safety and comfort with a wise choice of opting for short snowboard pants from Crash Pads. Since we understand the passion of our players and don’t want you to compromise with safety too, we offer high quality and best protective gear and equipment.

1.1.1. Snowboard Protective Gear | Womens Snowboarding Gear | Snowboard Padded Shorts & Crash Pants - Crash Pads

2. Padded Mountain Bike Shorts

2.1. Experience more freedom, comfort and body flexibility while participating in bike race with the use of padded mountain bike shorts from Crash Pads. We are a family owned and operated business which specialize in designing the protective wear for anyone who has the potential to fall.

2.1.1. Mens Padded Bike Shorts | Mountain Bike Pants | Padded Mountain Bike Shorts | Mountain Bike Protective Gear - Crash Pads

3. Skate Safety Gear

3.1. Maintain the flow while skating without worrying about safety by counting on skate safety gear from Crash Pads. Best feature of our protective gears is they are enriched with the family and personal touch as well as offer great comfort and quality.

3.1.1. Skateboard Protective Gear | Skate Protective Gear | Safety Gear | Roller Skating Protective Gear - Crash Pads

4. Soccer Protective Gear

4.1. Dispel the chances of getting injured while playing soccer with the smart decision of using soccer protective gear from Crash Pads. We are a leading US manufacture of sports protective wear which has been ensuring the safety of our players with our wears since 1992. All of our designs are made to allow the players the most freedom of movement possible.

4.1.1. Football Pants Pads | Sport Pads | Soccer Protective Gear | Sports Protective Gear - Crash Pads

5. Derby Shorts

5.1. Ensure your full safety and comfort against any injury while playing derby with the use of derby shorts from Crash Pads. Our each product covers the shape of the body, the area of the body vulnerable to a specific type of fall and the type of movement being performed during the activity.

6. Padded Shorts

6.1. Retain your sport performance without any fear of injury by using padded shorts and other protective clothing from Crash Pads. We are a family owned and operated company which work hard to insure you are well protected while keeping the products highly functional, restriction free and comfortable.

6.1.1. Sport Pads | Protective Gear | Snowboard Crash Pants | Padded Shorts | Snowboarding Gear - Crash Pads

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