Future perfect

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Future perfect by Mind Map: Future perfect

1. The "future perfect" is composed of two elements:

2. It refers to an action that will be completed in the future.

3. the "simple future" of the verb "to have" (will have) + the "past participle" of the main verb

4. examples

5. He will have finished. I will have finished.

6. Use

7. Estructure

8. I will have paid off my mortgage in less than 3 years Habré pagado mi hipoteca en menos de 3 años

9. Conjugation


11. Positive

12. SUJETO + will not have + PARTICIPIO DEL VERBO

13. Negative

14. Question

15. will + SUJETO + have + PARTICIPIO DEL VERBO?

16. examples

17. I won´t have completed ---yo no habré completado

18. will I have studied?----¡habré estudiado?

19. I will have to play soccer after the injury --tendré que jugar fútbol despues de la lesión