B Crosby: Mind Map for ADDIE

Activity 2: ADDIE Mind Map - B. Crosby

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B Crosby: Mind Map for ADDIE by Mind Map: B Crosby: Mind Map for ADDIE

1. 1. Analysis

1.1. Identification Phase: This is the exploratory phase in which a program manager needs to identify the key aspects of a potential program, such as the "who, what, where, when, why, and how" questions.

1.1.1. Identify if there is a need for the class and why

1.1.2. Identify target audience (student)

1.1.3. Identify target instructor qualifications

1.1.4. Identify potential competitors

1.1.5. Identify entry knowledge level of student

1.1.6. Identify appropriate format: online, classroom, or hybrid

1.1.7. Identify any appropriate national exams and their requirements

2. 2. Design

2.1. Information Gathering Phase: During this phase, the program manager begins to gather necessary materials and deeper background information on the program in order to build a framework.

2.1.1. Decide upon an appropriate textbook

2.1.2. Decide upon program length and whether or not it will be a full certificate program

2.1.3. Decide upon a realistic schedule to fit the content

2.1.4. Decide upon grading criteria for a syllabus

2.1.5. Decide upon Learning Outcomes/Objectives

3. 3. Develop

3.1. Creation Phase: The program manager will work on refining all aspects of the course. It is at this juncture that the program should undergo peer review or review by an industry expert.

3.1.1. Consult with industry expert on course layout

3.1.2. Build industry relationships with organizations, accrediting bodies, and/or national exam groups

3.1.3. Complete all course documentation

3.1.4. Upload all content to Distance Learning Platforms

3.1.5. Market the program

3.1.6. Hold necessary staff trainings

4. 4. Implement

4.1. Delivery Phase: At this point in the process, the program manager will run the program. The program manager remains active to offer aid when requested or needed.

4.1.1. Hold necessary staff training to prepare for program start

4.1.2. Provide all necessary resources to instructors and students

4.1.3. Monitor program while it runs

4.1.4. Provide assistance as needed

5. 5. Evaluate

5.1. Refining Phase: Once the program concludes, instructors, students, and programming staff participate in a review process for the program. All problem areas should be addressed before the next program offering.

5.1.1. Collect national exam results

5.1.2. Instructor provides a comprehensive analysis of the program

5.1.3. Students provide a comprehensive analysis of the program and support staff/faculty

5.1.4. Support staff/faculty gather results of surveys and create an action plan to remedy any issues before the next run of the program