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1. Math

1.1. Khan Academy - Video tutorials for Math skills.

1.2. Stock Market Game - Students participate in a virtual investing game against students from

2. Independent Practice

2.1. Shepperd Software - Fun, free online games spanning multiple content areas.

2.2. Choosito! - digital library of 200,000+ sites, on which you can track students as they search the web with enhanced reading level and subject area filters.

3. Online Tutorials

3.1. Educreations - Create video tutorials and visually stimulating lessons.

3.2. Khan Academy - Video tutorials for Math skills.

3.3. TeacherTube - Like YouTube, but with teacher stuff.

4. Reading

4.1. Readworks - Leveled online reading passages with assignable question sets, vocabulary support, audio support,

4.2. Newsela - News stories on current events, written by AP writers, with each article available at multiple grade levels. Assignable questions sets, vocabulary activities

4.3. ReadWriteThink - platform that provides a wide variety of materials covering different literacy areas including reading, writing, listening and speaking

4.4. ReadTheory - Adaptive online reading resource that tracks students progress as they read and answer questions.

5. Formative Assessment

5.1. Quizizz - Online trivia in which students compete against each other.

5.2. Jeopardy - Blank template to create a classroom Jeopardy game. No registration required.

5.3. Quizlet - Online study sets with ability to create your own or search existing sets.

5.4. Kahoot! - Makes it easy to create, share and play fun learning games or trivia quizzes in minutes.

5.5. Flippity - This site includes several templates for customizable online review games for students.

6. Student Collaboration

6.1. Padlet - Virtual bulletin board visible in real time on multiple devices.

6.2. Now Comment - Versatile discussion platform for teaching, peer reviewing, and fostering active reading,

6.3. Pen Pal Schools - A thoughtful, ready-to-go platform that facilitates authentic, cross-cultural collaboration.

6.4. YO Teach! - A great fit for a variety of carefully monitored classroom discussions

6.5. Backchannel Chat - Teacher-moderated version of Twitter. An extension of the in-the-moment conversation might be to capture the chat, create a tag cloud, and see what surfaces

7. Social Studies / History

7.1. Shepperd Software - Fun, free online games spanning multiple content areas.

7.2. EdTech Teacher - A one-stop site with links to the best of history websites. Lesson plans and sites are searchable by topic.


8.1. NASA Kids' Club - a place to play games and learn about NASA!

8.2. Code.Org - the leading curriculum for K-12 computer science

8.3. Tynker - Easy-to-learn, visual programming course designed for young learners in 4th through 8th grades.

8.4. Tech Rocket - Focuses on building mobile apps and games, from iOS development to Minecraft mods.

8.5. eGFI (Engineering, Go For It!) We are committed to promoting and enhancing efforts to improve K-12 STEM and engineering education.

8.6. Canva - Free online design program to produce fliers, banners, posters, etc.

8.7. Kinetic City - Amazing collection of science experiments,games, and projects for kids to enjoy.

8.8. Engineer Girl - Encourages young middle-school girls to pursue STEM careers.

8.9. CSI Web Adventures - Solve crimes using forensics at beginner, intermediary and advanced levels.

8.10. Discovery Education - Engaging interactive content and services that measure and improve student achievement.

8.11. Animoto - Gives students the ability to make a short, 30-second share video of what they learned in a given lesson.

8.12. Art Rage - ArtRage is a creative tool that turns your screen in to a canvas and lets you get on with creating your masterpiece. (costs $4.99)