ADDIE Lesson Design to guide the development of an ICC learning module

This mind map is for planning a module on understanding cultural communication differences.

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ADDIE Lesson Design to guide the development of an ICC learning module by Mind Map: ADDIE Lesson Design to guide the development of an ICC learning module

1. Analysis Phase

1.1. What is the purpose of the training? To encourage educators to examine different cultural communication styles in order to determine effective intercultural communication approaches

1.2. Why? To ensure educators are able to communicate effectively online as they co-design online global learning experiences for tertiary students.

1.3. How? The training will be part of an online learning module focusing on Considerations for Conducting Intercultural Communication online

2. Design Phase

2.1. Strategy is to break the 20 minute session into 4 cycles of Action Learning: Plan for intercultural communication (watch and read), Conduct Intercultural communication (activity). Check on effectiveness of the intercultural communication (write) and Act on learning by constructing a new approach.

2.2. Plan stage will include information on models of cultural difference and examples of different business communication styles

2.3. Conduct stage will be an activity where educators need to undertake and record an online intercultural conversation

2.4. Check stage will involve the learner reflecting on the effectiveness of the conversation activity

2.5. Act stage will encourage learners to create their own checklist of actions they will take to improve their intercultural communication

3. Development Phase

3.1. Write an introduction to the learning module and set goals

3.2. Draw on the Lewis model of cultural difference and apply this to conducting intercultural communication online

3.3. Write instructions and provide tips for the intercultural activity

3.4. Provide instructions and resources for the reflection activity

3.5. Explain how to use the reflection to create an improvement plan / checklist for effective intercultural communication

4. Implementation Phase

4.1. Upload all materials to my WIX website as the test learning platform for this module

4.2. Invite people to test the learning module

4.3. Gather feedback from testers

4.4. Make adjustments to learning module as required

5. Evaluation Phase

5.1. Build an evaluation tool for learners to provide feedback on the learning module

5.2. Identify further training requirements that may be required as a result of feedback

5.3. Identify any other adjustments that need to be made to the training module based on feedback