New Gradebook

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New Gradebook by Mind Map: New Gradebook

1. Analysis

1.1. Who

1.1.1. Canvas users instructors students Tutors Administrators

1.1.2. Prior knowledge: all users have knowledge of existing Gradebook.

1.2. Why

1.2.1. The New Gradebook is to be deployed in Semester 1, 2020.

1.3. Desired behavioral change

1.3.1. to enable the New Gradebook

1.3.2. to use new functionalities

1.3.3. to identify same functions with new features

1.4. Goals

1.4.1. To gain an overview of the New Gradebook

1.4.2. To gain an understanding of the new functionalities

1.5. What: develop a needs analysis and a training plan

1.6. Description: identify the needs of learners and the context including learner's characteristics and their prior knowledge,

2. Design

2.1. Delivery method

2.1.1. using a LMS Canvas course

2.1.2. set start and finish date of the Canvas course

2.2. Structure

2.2.1. how to enable the New Gradebook

2.2.2. how to arrange and filter columns

2.2.3. how to grade and give feedback

2.2.4. how to apply a Missing/Late Submission policy

2.3. Duration: 20 min

2.4. Assessment: A short quiz

2.5. Feedback: Ungraded Survey in the LMS

2.6. What to do?

2.6.1. write a storyboard

2.6.2. design a prototype

2.7. Description: identify the learning objectives, delivery method, structure, duration, assessments and feedback.

3. Develop

3.1. research information on New Gradebook

3.2. develop university-specific content

3.3. add graphics, choose colors and fonts

3.4. test the course before delivery and trial the course

3.5. load the course into LMS

3.6. Description: Content creation by research, writing university-specific training materials, testing and trials.

4. Implement

4.1. publish the Canvas course

4.2. create the Welcome announcement

4.3. create and run the Collaborate Ultra session

4.4. create and respond to the Discussion forum

4.5. enrol students in the Canvas course

4.6. Description: ways of delivery, pre-delivery and during delivery and post delivery feedback

5. Evaluate

5.1. create announcement to ask learners to complete surveys

5.2. analyse feedback from Discussion forum

5.3. write evaluation report using data obtained

5.4. prepare changes to be implemented for future courses

5.5. Description: collection and analysis of feedback; prepare changes for next iteration