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ADDIE by Mind Map: ADDIE

1. Analysis

1.1. Questions to be answered:

1.1.1. Who needs a training?

1.1.2. Why do people need the training?

1.1.3. What skills need to be learned?

1.1.4. When will they need the new skills?

1.1.5. Where may the training be conducted?

1.1.6. How may the new skills be taught?

1.1.7. What new behaviour outcome do we expect?

1.1.8. What are out constraints?

1.2. Outcome

1.2.1. An analysis of training needs and a training plan

2. Revision

2.1. Check that important stakeholders have been consulted and the training plan reflect all the needs.

3. Design

3.1. Decide on:

3.1.1. Time and cost needed

3.1.2. Structure and sequence

3.1.3. Duration and pace

3.1.4. Format and mode of delivery

3.2. Outcome

3.2.1. An overview of a course design and storyboard/prototype of ideas

4. Revision

4.1. Check that the course design meets all the requirements that were defined on the previous stage

5. Development

5.1. Decide on:

5.1.1. Content

5.1.2. Graphics

5.1.3. Colours

5.1.4. Fonts

5.2. Outcome

5.2.1. Course content

6. Revision

6.1. Review that the materials are produced up to task on what they were intended for

7. Implementation

7.1. Decide on:

7.1.1. Facilitator training

7.1.2. Course enrolment

7.1.3. Timeframe for course completion

7.1.4. Pass marks for assessment

7.1.5. Feedback collection

7.2. Outcome

7.2.1. Course is live (on LMS or a live session is delivered) and learners can take and complete it

8. Revision

8.1. Monitor the situation for any issues

9. Evaluation

9.1. Questions to be answered (Kirkpatrick's 4-level model):

9.1.1. L1: Did the participants react positively to the program?

9.1.2. L2: Did the participants learn the skills taught in the program?

9.1.3. L3: Did the participants' behaviour on the job change as a result of the program?

9.1.4. L4: Did the change in behaviour affect the organization positively?

9.2. Outcome

9.2.1. Evaluation report and actionable changes for the current of future courses

10. Revision

10.1. Make sure that the feedback is placed back into the analysis phase

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