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LMS Intake by Mind Map: LMS Intake

1. Prosumer LMS

1.1. Do you have existing content?

1.2. Do you need content written?

1.3. Do you need quizzes or assessments?

1.4. Do you need completion tracking?

1.5. Do you need multiple client touchpoint?

1.6. Do you need chat capabilities?

1.7. Do you need to be able to create bundles?

1.8. Will you sell courses?

1.9. Will you have "freebies"?

1.10. Will you manage your mailing list through your LMS?

2. Education LMS

2.1. Will you have multiple courses?

2.2. Will you have multiple instructors?

2.3. Will you charge for courses?

2.4. Do you need video, multimedia capabilities?

2.5. How will you grade?

3. Corporate LMS

3.1. Do you need to integrate SCORM into your courses?

3.2. Do you need voiceover capabilities within the platform?

3.3. Will you have assessments?

3.4. What type of tracking/reporting do you need?

3.5. Will you need to bulk register your staff/clients?

3.6. Will you sell the courses?

3.7. Do you need to sell bundles or individual courses?