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Creatismo by Mind Map: Creatismo

1. Main Target

1.1. To give the new coming students an unforgettable experience. Fill the activities with cultural aspects and represent the different foods including the Belgian chocolate, Fries and Belgian waffles.

2. Main Activities

2.1. Collecting the budget

2.2. Meeting the whole crew including volunteers

2.3. Giving gifts as a thank to the volunteers in the end.

2.4. Shopping for the drinks

2.5. Sending an invitation to the new students

2.6. Reserving the electronics at school reception

2.7. Keeping the school principal updated about our actions.

2.8. Making WhatsApp groups for communication

2.9. Finding a dresscode

2.10. Making name badges for the volunteers with their nationality

2.11. Making a mix playlist to include all sorts of country music.

2.12. Recording the feedbacks

3. Management

3.1. Time

3.2. Project

3.3. Personal

3.4. Event

3.5. Culture

4. Promotion

4.1. To the exchange students

4.2. image of the college

4.3. openness towards culture

5. Equipments needed

5.1. Microphone

5.2. Projecter

5.3. Tables

5.4. Chairs

5.5. Audio set

5.6. Standing tables

5.7. Recorder for feedback

6. Decoration ideas

6.1. World map

6.2. Different Flags

6.3. Cultural qoutes

6.4. Table sheets

6.5. Curtains to cover the ugly walls

6.6. Holographic slingers

7. Main day activity

7.1. Picture Booth

7.2. Henna tattoos

7.3. Making bracelets

7.4. World quiz

7.5. 5 minutes video about the Belgian culture

7.6. Musical chairs

8. Things to buy

8.1. Drinks

8.1.1. Ingredients via volunteers for cuisines

8.2. Gifts for volunteers

8.3. Gifts for the world quiz winning team

8.4. Gift for musical chairs winner