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1. 2.

2. Where: shopee- common buying website, reliable ( particular policies protect customers agaist being deceived or unguaranteed quality.

3. When: one week ago

4. Why: occasions,

4.1. - occasions

4.2. the advertisement: attractive, grativate my eyes in every images with stunning lips covered with various colours of___

4.3. can not resist temptation=> opted to get one

4.4. emotions before receiving: eager, ....

5. Results

5.1. receiving: fascinated,open

5.2. check code, appearance, try on my lips

5.3. ater that day: forgot esistence, concrete occasions or special time, gorgerous (colour) >< uncomfortable ( daily life like working or studying space )

5.4. 2. hobbies: immerse in unnessesary things