Alex ADDIE Model Map

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ADDIE Model by Mind Map: ADDIE Model

1. 1. Analyse (Determine the needs and the goals)

1.1. Needs Analysis

1.1.1. Who are the learners?

1.1.2. What is the content they are learning?

1.1.3. What are their needs in learning the content?

1.1.4. What are their expectations?

1.2. Course Goals

1.2.1. WHEN will they learn the content

1.2.2. WHERE will they learn the content

1.2.3. HOW many learners will be taught and and how many different skills will be taught?

2. 2. Design (Things get more concrete)

2.1. Turn Course Goals into Learning objectives

2.2. Determine specific topics covered and their length

2.3. Choose major activities, assessments, media and overall course structure

2.3.1. Storyboard & Prototyping

3. 4. Implement (test with the actual learners)

3.1. Deliver the training to all the learners

3.2. Support learners in their journey and assist in case of technical problems

3.3. Make sure the tracking of the course contents in the LMS works properly

4. 3. Develop (get first feedback and refine)

4.1. Turn Storyboard and Ptotorype into Alpha version and Beta versions of the course.

4.1.1. Test with the target audience and get feedback Adjust Alpha and Beta versions based on feedback

5. 5. Evaluate (Learn from the learners and modify for next time)

5.1. Evaluate if the training met the learning objectives for the learners

5.2. If some learning objectives were not met, modify as needed

5.3. Collect feedback to track learners preferences, and adjust for the next project

5.4. Did the training produce a measurable change in the learners' performance (if corporate learning)?