ADDIE circle for online course

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ADDIE circle for online course by Mind Map: ADDIE circle for online course

1. 1. Identify variables that need to be considered when designing the course

1.1. Analyze

1.1.1. Who? Who needs the training? Who is the target audience? What prior knowledge and skills do they have? What misconceptions do they have? What goals do learners want to achieve? What are learners' academic backgrounds? What are learners' cultural backgrounds? Are learners proficient in using technologies and social media for educational purposes? What do learners expect to get out of course/program? Which approaches will engage and motivate learners? Why are learners likely to take the course/program? What is their goal upon completion?

1.1.2. What? What kind of training do they need? What are the points of training? What skills need to be learned? What changes are desired? What big ideas need to be addressed? What essential questions need to be addressed? What quantity and depth of the content should be achieved? What is learning context? What competencies should we train? What outcomes am I trying to achieve?

1.1.3. Why? Why do learners need this training? How much of new skills do learners need?

1.1.4. Where? Where may the training be conducted? How will this course/program be delivered? What delivery channel will be easiest for the learners? Are there existing norms? Are there any constrains and limitations?

1.1.5. When? When will learners need new skills?

1.1.6. How? What technology and social media can help with teaching and learning? What instructional design model will be most beneficial for this course? What training methodology will be most beneficial for this course? How can we improve the situation and achieve business goals through training? What resources are available? What do we need to create personal learning environment? What activities will best support learning? What are criteria for success? What assessment strategies will best measure and drive learning? What sources of the content are available? What sources of the content should be design and developed? How could we structure the teaching and learning to achieve training goals? What LMS will fit to our goal? What do we need to support our learners? How can I keep things interesting and engaging? How can I best assess the Key Performance Indicators in a quantitative way? How can I make sure to capture qualitative feedback?

2. 4. Deliver and analyze course/program

2.1. Implement

2.1.1. Are instructors prepared? What access or tools do they need?

2.1.2. Are content, materials and activities prepared?

2.1.3. Do the students have everything they need to execute the course?

2.1.4. Do they have a support if needed?

2.1.5. Are there any prep work needed?

2.1.6. Are course expectations set?

2.1.7. Are enrollment set?

2.1.8. Deliver the training

2.1.9. Check analytics and feedback

2.1.10. Provide help and support as needed

2.1.11. Review the course

3. 3. Begin to create the course/program

3.1. Develop

3.1.1. Prepare the content in text, audio and video formats where necessary

3.1.2. Prepare materials and activities

3.1.3. Add graphics, colors and other features that make course engaging

3.1.4. Try out content, materials and activities with target audience members

3.1.5. Revise, refine and produce content, materials and activities

3.1.6. Proofread and edit content, materials and activities

3.1.7. Conduct copyright clearance for third party materials

3.1.8. Load the content to the website or LMS

3.1.9. Produce instructor training materials

3.1.10. Develop technology and social media features necessary for this course

4. 2. Design practical decision for teaching and learning plan

4.1. Design

4.1.1. Strategy What strategy will be used to achieve learning outcomes? What strategies will be used to overcome limitations? What strategies will be used for inclusive learning? Do our team have a skillset to create all required materials? Who is going to create what? Do we have access to technologies required for this course/program? How much time and budget do we need to design the course/program?

4.1.2. Structure What are performance outcomes and course objectives? What are learning objectives? What topics (big ideas) to be covered? What essential questions will be addressed? How much time will be spend on each topic? What assessment instruments will be used to measure success of achievement of the learning outcomes? What learning activities and exercises to be used? What technologies will be used and when? What material will be created and designed?

4.1.3. Delivery How course will be delivered? What training and support are required to make course delivery easy and smooth? How much budget and resources are required for course delivery? Will the learners be able to easily access and use the content and materials?

4.1.4. Feedback What type of feedback is required to assess learning process and achievement of the learning objectives? What feedback schedule do we need?

5. 5. Feedback to each step of the cycle

5.1. Evaluate

5.1.1. Analyze

5.1.2. Design Is my evaluation rigorous enough to ensure the level of outcomes I am looking for? If I walk a prospective learners through this course, do they achieve the intended learning objectives? What do experts thinks about the course/program? What do potential learners think about this course/program?

5.1.3. Develop Does the development match the designed ideas? Can a learner progress in the way designed? Does the course presented in the manner that appeal to the learners? Will the learners be able to easily use and access the content? Is the technology accessible and easy to use? Do the units and lesson match the time frames I designed them to span?

5.1.4. Implement What technology options make the most sense based the first cycle of teaching this course? Are the course materials accessible and make sense? Have the learners been regularly assessed on the learning? Have the learners achieved learning outcomes? What course materials are needed to be adapted, adopted or redesigned? What did I learn form the course implementation? Were the desired changes observed? Did the participants learn skills and competencies taught in the course?