Learning Theories Map

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Learning Theories Map by Mind Map: Learning Theories Map

1. Behavioralism

1.1. Theorists

1.1.1. Skinner

1.1.2. Pavlov

1.2. View of Knowledge

1.2.1. Gained through repetitive conditioning with stimuli and response

1.3. View of Learning

1.3.1. Learners receive knowledge and respond to stimuli. Learning takes place in steps

1.4. How this informs instruction

1.4.1. Students respond to feedback in the form of positive reinforcement or punishment

2. Cognitivisim

2.1. Theorists

2.1.1. Chomsky

2.1.2. Bruner

2.2. View of Knowledge

2.2.1. Knowledge is gained through observation and then processing

2.3. View of Learning

2.3.1. Learning takes place in much the same way as a computer with inputs, processing, and outputs.

2.4. How this informs instruction

2.4.1. Positive feedback and scaffolding helps students to meet success and further their desire for learning

3. Constructivism

3.1. Theorists

3.1.1. Piaget

3.1.2. Vygotsky

3.2. View of Knowledge

3.2.1. The learner builds the knowledge based upon experiences

3.3. View of Learning

3.3.1. Learning is built based upon multiple experiences

3.4. How this informs instruction

3.4.1. Learning is created through multiple experiences that the learner must experience at their level

4. Humanism

4.1. Theorists

4.1.1. Maslow

4.1.2. Rogers

4.2. View of Knowledge

4.2.1. Knowledge is personal and tied to the individual

4.3. View of Learning

4.3.1. Learning is a natural process used to help reach self-actualization

4.4. How this informs instruction

4.4.1. Learning should be individualized to help meet students where they are