Seven Habits of Successful Students

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Seven Habits of Successful Students by Mind Map: Seven Habits of Successful Students

1. Pasion

1.1. Find a motivation in academic work

1.2. Discover love to your career

2. Social Support

2.1. Successful students

2.2. Socialize

3. Talk to professors

3.1. Most interesting courses

3.2. It helps you learn more

4. Organization

4.1. Methods to know how to organize

4.2. It helps you prepare for projects and exams

5. Strategic & Resourceful

5.1. Resources to have better skills

5.2. Take advantage of available resources

6. Balance

6.1. Have energy for the important things in life

6.2. Sleep and eat properly

6.3. Exercise

7. Committed

7.1. Do what it takes to be successful

7.2. Meet your goals