Christ Church 4550 Legacy Drive Plano, Texas

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Christ Church 4550 Legacy Drive Plano, Texas by Mind Map: Christ Church 4550 Legacy Drive Plano, Texas

1. Family Ministries

1.1. Children's Ministry

1.1.1. Children's Sunday School and Chapel

1.1.2. GAP45

1.1.3. Discovery

1.2. Student Ministry

1.2.1. Teen Sunday School

1.2.2. Wednesday Youth Group

1.2.3. Retreats and Missions

1.3. Other

1.3.1. Communion

1.3.2. Baptism Confirmation

1.3.3. Nursery

2. Adult Ministries

2.1. Mission Work

2.1.1. Local Mission Work Strategic Partners Meadows Elementary Plano Community Homes Julia's Center City House Real Options for Women Samaritan Inn The Mission Christian Food Pantry Allen Community Outreach Annual Mission Events Kids In Need Thanksgiving Outreach Angel Tree

2.1.2. Global Mission Work Missionaries Rwanda Preschool Global Mission Work

2.2. Men's Ministry

2.2.1. Men's OnPoint

2.2.2. Taco Tuesday

2.3. Women's Ministry

2.3.1. Women's Studies

2.3.2. Women's Bible Study

2.3.3. Women's Community 20s-30s 40s-50s 60+

2.4. Small Group

2.4.1. Sunday Fellowship

2.4.2. OnRamp

3. Venues for Fellowship (As recommended by the Student Minister)

3.1. The Shops at Legacy

3.2. Local Restaurants

3.3. Local Parks

3.4. Sam Moon Center

3.5. Dr. Pepper Ballpark

3.6. Allen Events Center