ADDIE model

ADDIE model

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ADDIE model by Mind Map: ADDIE model

1. Analysis

1.1. What's the problem we're trying to solve?

1.1.1. Who needs help?

1.1.2. Why do they need help (the problem)?

1.1.3. How will their behavior change?

1.1.4. What do they already know?

1.1.5. What are the learning constraints?

1.1.6. What's the learning environment?

1.1.7. By when are we trying to solve the problem?

1.2. Actions

1.2.1. Ask: Who, what, when, where, why

1.2.2. Talk to stakeholders

1.2.3. Research issues

1.2.4. Develop clear understanding of issues

2. Design

2.1. How will we solve the problem?

2.1.1. What activities will we use?

2.1.2. What actions will support those activities?

2.1.3. What enabled knowledge or skills will define the outcome (objectives) when we're done?

2.1.4. How much will it cost in effort and resources, including money? Evaluate: Will it be worth it? Include administrative costs

2.1.5. What will be the pace of learning?

2.1.6. How will we deliver the learning? Multiple ways? What will reach learners? Media formats?

2.1.7. What kind of support is needed? Evaluate available resources

2.2. Actions

2.2.1. Brainstorm

2.2.2. Write objectives

2.2.3. Estimate costs/resource needs

2.2.4. Balance cognitive load and workload

2.2.5. Evaluate delivery types

3. Development

3.1. Create the tools to solve the problem.

3.1.1. Create activities

3.1.2. Evaluate effectiveness Feedback from sample learners Evaluation is on assembly; content should have been decided as part of design

3.1.3. Revise as needed

3.2. Actions

3.2.1. Use software to create assets

3.2.2. Gather feedback from sample learners

3.2.3. Use appropriate tools to develop exercises

4. Implementation

4.1. Use the tools and solve the problem.

4.1.1. Pilot course

4.1.2. Do trainers need training?

4.1.3. Deliver the lessons

4.1.4. Monitor for issues

4.2. Actions

4.2.1. Conduct pilot

4.2.2. Train trainers

4.2.3. Train learners

4.2.4. Engage feedback

5. Evaluation

5.1. Did we actually solve the problem?

5.1.1. Learner reaction to the learning

5.1.2. Did learner behavior change?

5.1.3. Defined objectives met?

5.1.4. Did the changes solve the problem?

5.2. Actions

5.2.1. Engage learners to discover reactions, objectives completion

5.2.2. Evaluate behavior

5.2.3. Research status of problem; was it solved?