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Client Needs by Mind Map: Client Needs

1. Health Needs

1.1. Rehabilitation from substance abuse

1.2. Bipoler disorder management

1.3. Hepatitis C treatment

1.4. Reinstatement of medical coverage

2. Relationship Needs

2.1. Child relationship

2.2. Marriage needs

2.3. Friends

3. Problem Solving Needs

3.1. Life skills to cope with various situations

3.2. Ability to handle pressure

3.3. To avoid recidivism

4. Emotional Needs

4.1. Anger management

4.2. Treatment of bipolar disorder

4.3. Support from family members and friends

5. Belief or Value Needs

5.1. Religious doctrines

5.2. Hope for a better future

5.3. Resilience amidst life challenges

6. Education or Career Needs

6.1. College credentials

6.2. Treatment of Dyslexia

6.3. Employment opportunity