Work Opportunity for International Student

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Work Opportunity for International Student by Mind Map: Work Opportunity for International Student

1. Exhibition

1.1. exhibition is helpful for student because it is like a AD

1.2. exhibition is like a employer's career fair/ employer hair people who they are interested in.

1.2.1. SCAD Should conduct exhibitions for every majors.

2. Career Fair

2.1. some of people never been career fair

2.1.1. no companies hire their major

2.1.2. some people are not attracted by publicity SCAD Should Promote the Career Fair

2.1.3. some people not hurry to find a job

2.1.4. nervous about face to face

2.1.5. some people just don't like it

2.1.6. some people never considered about work in the US

2.2. hoe do people know about career fair

2.2.1. friends/ classmates tell them

2.2.2. from the SCAD website

2.2.3. some people just think every college have career fair

2.2.4. professor told student

2.3. good part

2.3.1. people can know some information for job

2.3.2. there are a lot of companies, so easy to compare companies

2.3.3. a good place to practice communication skill

2.3.4. some people think career fair help them build network

2.4. some of people don't like career fair

2.4.1. less feedback

2.4.2. employers are not vary active SCAD Can make a policy to select the good employers or companies.

2.4.3. space is too small

2.4.4. some people think it is like a business show.

2.4.5. regular apply way(submit resume on website after interview)

2.4.6. the environment is loud

2.4.7. not relate to all of major

2.4.8. some people ner vous about face to face interview SCAD Can Create a Course to Teach Interview Skill toStudent

3. Career Office

3.1. How do people now about career office

3.1.1. SCAD wevsite

3.1.2. email

3.1.3. friends/professor tell them

3.2. a lot of people think career office is helpful

3.2.1. give very specific advice to student

3.2.2. a lot of advisers

3.2.3. help student modify resume

3.2.4. they show some experience to student

3.3. some people never been there

3.3.1. they might no harry to find a job

3.3.2. they don't know about career office

3.4. bad things

3.4.1. need waiting long time form response SCAD should improve the application process.

3.4.2. low work efficiency

3.4.3. limited sets

3.4.4. not many information on website The career office website should be improved.

4. online Job Search

4.1. online job searching is very common

4.1.1. No pressure

4.1.2. there are many options

4.1.3. need wait a long time for response

4.1.4. some companies is not same as the description

4.1.5. student feel comfortable when they search job online SCAD Should Create a Workshop to tell student the most useful job searching website.

4.1.6. personal information uncork

4.1.7. many kinds of information

4.1.8. convince

4.1.9. easy

4.1.10. free, no money cost

4.2. the most common job searching website

4.2.1. Indeed

4.2.2. CareerBuilder SCAD Should Create a Workshop to Introduce the Different Websites

4.2.3. Boss(China)

4.3. Not a lot of student use Linkedin

4.3.1. some student think it is common for old generation people

4.3.2. some people think it will spend too much time to build Linkedin resume SCAD Can Create a Workshop to Help Student Prepare Linkedin

4.3.3. some student think it is same as job searching website

5. Language

5.1. some international student can't understand local or web words

5.1.1. SCAD Should Create a Workshop to Teach Student the Local Works

5.2. some of student don't have a good English communication skill

5.2.1. SCAD Should create a workshop to teach student the English Communication Skill

6. Choosing Work in USA

6.1. good part

6.1.1. in order to get more experience

6.1.2. expand their networking

6.1.3. good income

6.1.4. like American culture

6.1.5. improve their English

6.1.6. there are famous companies

6.1.7. like American life SCAD Can Create a Workshop to Introduce The American Life and Culture

6.1.8. work abroad help them build relationship

6.1.9. leading edge design

6.1.10. a lot of good company

6.1.11. international experience is helpful for finding a job

6.2. hard part

6.2.1. language is hard for international student Build a Language Workshop

6.2.2. some major just have one year OPT

6.2.3. some of employer care about color of skin

7. Behavior/Preference

7.1. student like work in big city (NY, CA, TX..)

7.1.1. they think live in big city is convince SCAD Should Choose some company come from big cities, such as LA, NYC, SFO

7.1.2. big city has good international food

7.1.3. like the scenery in CA

7.1.4. a lot of opportunity

7.2. some of international student don't very care about income

7.2.1. they know finally they will go back to their countries.

7.2.2. some of them are rich

7.2.3. reduce requirements in order to find a job

7.2.4. some of them think experience is important than income

7.3. some of international student very care about income

7.3.1. someone who bring their family to US

7.3.2. people who have already had work experience

7.4. some people succeeded in finding a job by sending a request to the customer service.

8. Networking/relationship

8.1. people think it is a good way to find a job

8.1.1. people trust each other

8.1.2. save time

8.1.3. easy SCAD should great a program that student can work with some companies.

8.1.4. reliable

8.2. some student don't have good relationship or networking

8.2.1. just live in school

8.2.2. no work exprience

8.2.3. no good communication skill College should create a corse to reach student communication skill

9. Policy

9.1. OPT

9.1.1. limited time

9.1.2. company don't like hire a student who is in opt

9.2. H1B

9.2.1. hard to get

9.2.2. limited amount

9.2.3. only lucky can have it