Improving access to achievement using digital technologies

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Improving access to achievement using digital technologies by Mind Map: Improving access to achievement using digital technologies

1. Maggie Wagstaff (AfA school coach)

1.1. Technology - equaliser, ubiquitous

1.2. Teachers need to 'work smart'

1.2.1. ICT enables wide range of differentiation techniques Computers, web technologies IWBs - performance and tools to facilitate learning Creation of apps, can replace cost of communication aids. Specialised & free apps eg talk-type apps (voice recognition) Pupils can use phone to record & present work - evidence of learning QR code readers for presernting pupil evidence Lever under-used resources Record parent conversations for review & consideration later. Parental engagement enhanced. "Spy pen" records meeting as well as producing notes Apps for children - needs planning for effective use. Apps are engaging/exciting for pupils Musical apps, diagrams - accessible from home Talking devices enrich displays, take-home information, EAL. eg talking faces, talking tins etc. Speech recognition even on old computers. Pupils review & chhose to revise work Communication-friendly environments Tweeting - excellent writing tool

1.2.2. Use of TAs to support pupils to use technology generated resources

1.2.3. Texting parents - positives not all negatives

1.2.4. Paypal

1.2.5. Avoid aiming too low - better to aim high & not quite reach goal

1.3. Parental engagment

1.3.1. What is being offered now? How are we going to embrace this with parents?

1.3.2. 4/5 of a childs time is spent at home. parental involvement is very imporatnt

1.3.3. small steps to success. Big message to parents Parents will be supported through the journey

1.3.4. generation of parents typing, texting generation

1.3.5. anything stops when phone rings technology can get in the way

1.3.6. AFA - striking a balance - everything spread over a wider spectrum

1.3.7. low key devices talking photograph book cheap and easy way to provide a home link Talking pens Talking Tin Lids

1.3.8. Learning that comes from home raised teachers awareness of another life for them

1.3.9. Twitter and Blogs Picture of what is going on in school. Only a certain amount of parents tweet need to keep that balance

1.3.10. parents often say 'they know more than i do' must tell them how to do that

1.3.11. E-safety is a huge area On going relationship Start this in primary school

1.3.12. where are we going to move to next? digital and non digital play need to explore it all

2. Wilmington Grammar

2.1. Assessment for Learning

2.1.1. Pupils want to know how to improve

2.1.2. Classroom monitor is an example of technology to support this

2.1.3. Use of RAG rating - makes understanding rich data easier

2.1.4. Focussed advice for improvement

2.1.5. Paper free, live reports

2.1.6. Writing Achievement targets has improved teachers understanding of levels and assessment Some subject more enthusiastic

2.1.7. Hope to engage pupils & parents in targets

2.1.8. RAG reports present data in form easily understood by parents & pupils

2.2. Brenhan Heath, Chris

3. Donna Burton-Wilcox

3.1. Disaffected project

3.1.1. "Labelled children" not bad - bored Access to ICT helps engage Gaming technology to motivate & engage Identified what is attractive about gaming Misbehaving through frustration Gaming - demonstrable motivation Communication problems Technologies to support communication & improve confidence Appropriate medium, opinions valued, safe environment

3.1.2. Empower teachers just as we do children & value their hard work

4. Twitter Contributions Thursday 12th January 2012 Morning session

4.1. Todays MirandaMod starts shortly: Tools for raising the achievement of vulnerable learners - follow #mmafa & theokk theo kuechel

4.2. #mmafa Professor Sonia Blandford opens the session. @merlynjohn blogging - and congratulations to Merlyn for last night's award. cyberbrikkie John Cuthell

4.3. In Mirandamod - I can see @theokk @merlinjohn @eyebeams #mmafa achievement for all is the theme ethinking Pete Yeomans

4.4. Yesterday pics from yesterdays MirandaMods - today will be posted later #mmafa theokk theo kuechel

4.5. Professor Sonia Blandford

4.5.1. #mmafa Background to AfA - charity and the programme. Focus on leadership, working with parents, learners and schools. cyberbrikkie John Cuthell Sonia outlines AfA achievement for all programme #mmafa theokk theo kuechel Sonia Blandford quotes from Seldon(2010) to confirm the role of ICT for the AfA programme.#mmafa cyberbrikkie John Cuthell Teachers need support with ICT to change in the AfA programme.#mmafa cyberbrikkie John Cuthell #mmafa all schools say we are "inclusive" but what does that really mean? theokk theo kuechel #BETT #mmafa teachers only contact parents when there are problems - how many teachers are accessible to parents via email? ethinking Pete Yeomans #mmafa #BETT how many teachers are still using personal email addresses for official school business?? ethinking Pete Yeomans #mmafa AfA engages with parents meaningfully - not just when the child misbehaves theokk theo kuechel Blandford gives interesting anecdotes about schools reengaging with parents of SEN children #mmafa mattpearson Matthew Pearson @ethinking how many teachers are contactable at all? #mmafa theokk theo kuechel @RachaelHKnight have a look at achievement for all #mmafa useful for the new @plymuniprimary SEN specialist focus BEd course ethinking Pete Yeomans

4.5.2. I'd would be happy I've we would have a programme like this in Germany! #mmafa david_obst David Obst

4.5.3. Professor Sonia Blandford is currently opening today's Achievement for All session at BETT. Follow along on Twitter using #mmafa AFA3AS Achievement for All

4.5.4. #mmafa Maggie Wagstaff AfA school coach next theokk theo kuechel

4.6. Maggie Wagstaff (AfA school coach)

4.6.1. Oh dear. I think the twitterfall has fallen over #mmafa mattpearson Matthew Pearson

4.6.2. #mmafa 2web connection becoming very flakey now…… theokk theo kuechel

4.6.3. #mmafa #BETT2012 #bett QR codes on books to link direct to pupil data - now that's cool ethinking Pete Yeomans

4.6.4. #mmafa Maggie recommends using speech to text apps (Dragon) for student writing and note taking theokk theo kuechel

4.6.5. #mmafa if painting apps are good enough for Hockney they are good enough for us (education) … <agree theokk theo kuechel

4.6.6. Excellent point about free software widgets and tools already within iwb software. #mmafa mattpearson Matthew Pearson

4.6.7. #mmafa Maggie makes case the digits media texts (audio/video) are just as valid / if not more so than written …. theokk theo kuechel

4.6.8. #mmafa definitely going to find out more about achievements for all after susan bamfords talk. youandme1234567 youandme1234567

4.6.9. #mmafa using fun apps for Children as a resource bank using voice Maggie Walstaff youandme1234567 youandme1234567

4.6.10. #mmafa A wealth of digital resources can extend and transform the learning and work of students. - Achievement for All. cyberbrikkie John Cuthell

4.6.11. RT @cyberbrikkie: #mmafa A wealth of digital resources can extend and transform the learning and work of students. - Achievement for All theokk theo kuechel

4.6.12. maggie presents lot of nice apps! seems to me that i'm the only one without a smartphone in the room :) #mmafa david_obst David Obst

4.6.13. #mmafa tweeting is the most wonderful tool for helping pupils develop writing theokk theo kuechel

4.6.14. Getting teachers to get things out of cupboards. That is the challenge. #mmafa mattpearson Matthew Pearson

4.6.15. #mmafa maggie says teachers need to stop preserving resources and start wearing them out #bett #ukedchat ethinking Pete Yeomans

4.6.16. @mattpearson ban cupboards!!!! #mmafa theokk theo kuechel

4.6.17. Some teachers may even store cupboards in cupboards. How to tackle that #mmafa mattpearson Matthew Pearson

4.6.18. Resources are only of any use when they are used - useless when they're in cupboards.#mmafa learners only learn when they're learning. cyberbrikkie John Cuthell

4.6.19. #mmafa How about teachers start by completely emptying their cupboards at the beginning of every new year and start afresh? Works for me kvnmcl kevin mc laughlin

4.7. Brenhan Heath, WGSB

4.7.1. #tmtakeover @HGJohn yes will be back in 20 mins - @ClassrmMonitor you are speaking soon? I'm in #mmafa listening to how a school use us ethinking Pete Yeomans

4.7.2. #mmafa #BETT_Show #bett online assessment can support communication with parents and flow of data ethinking Pete Yeomans

4.7.3. Spread the word Achievement for all. For everyone @ #mmafa NT_Mktg Nuala Beardsall

4.7.4. Linking up and automating data flow and assessment was raised by chris yapp at previous mirandamod #mmafa mattpearson Matthew Pearson

4.7.5. #mmafa Sonia - afa is not a fixed programme - it is a way of thinking theokk theo kuechel

4.7.6. #mmafa What assessment is really effective?Is the learner at the heart of the process, or the focus of the process? A subtle difference. cyberbrikkie John Cuthell

4.7.7. #mmafa Donna Burton-Wilcox on developing software to engage disaffected boys. Shakespeare and gaming. Frustration and boredom=disaffection. cyberbrikkie John Cuthell

5. Twitter Contributions Thursday 12th January 2012 Afternoon session

5.1. “@NT_Mktg: Spread the word Achievement for all. For everyone @ #mmafa > sessions in Grand Halll Gallery 1 #BETT_Show rachelala rachelala

5.2. 2nd #mmafa session at #bett. Great inclusion insights by Sonia Blandford and Maggie Wagstaff in 1st merlinjohn Merlin John

5.3. #mmafa After a great morning 2nd session just about ready to start theokk theo kuechel

5.4. Professor Sonia Blandford

5.4.1. RT @merlinjohn: 2nd #mmafa session at #bett. Great inclusion insights by Sonia Blandford and Maggie Wagstaff in 1st theokk theo kuechel

5.4.2. focus is on school support for learners in a digital age, Sonia Blandford talking at #mmafa mattpearson Matthew Pearson

5.4.3. #mmafa theme; Parents, carers and the wider community supporting vulnerable learners theokk theo kuechel

5.4.4. #mmafa AfA is moving into Europe < both interesting and significant theokk theo kuechel

5.4.5. #mmafa looking for 1000 more schools to become involved this year theokk theo kuechel

5.4.6. meetings with parents based on 'sharing and understanding the child' outlined by Blandford speaking at #mmafa mattpearson Matthew Pearson

5.4.7. The Virtuous Circle #mmafa #BETT_show brynll Bryn Llewellyn

5.5. Maggie Wagstaff

5.5.1. #mmafa Maggie Wagstaff - talk in plain English - not eduspeak - child's identity is their *name* not their *level* theokk theo kuechel

5.5.2. #mmafa Inclusive participation Is they key to success for schools with AfA. cyberbrikkie John Cuthell

5.5.3. 'everything stops when our phone rings' - - do we give full attention to children? #mmafa mattpearson Matthew Pearson

5.5.4. The dangers of technology getting between children and adults: attention is lost. #mmafa

5.5.5. cyberbrikkie John Cuthell

5.5.6. use of 'low key' devices, things which have been around for a long time...talking photoframes for instance.. Wagstaff at #mmafa mattpearson Matthew Pearson

5.5.7. powerful evidence of the potential miscommunication between school and home and how to overcome this #mmafa mattpearson Matthew Pearson

5.5.8. Remember...small steps to success...#mmafa #BETT_show brynll Bryn Llewellyn

5.5.9. look in your web browsing we spend too long looking for things, and not enough time doing them? #mmafa mattpearson Matthew Pearson

5.5.10. #mmafa most have devices that can b record / take notes /communicate and offer feedback / assessment yet schools still predicated on paper theokk theo kuechel

6. Parents, carers and wider community (Sonia Blandford)

6.1. No longer in linear learning mode

6.1.1. working with parents is criticial in learning outcomes.

6.2. how we enable and enhance communities with parents

6.2.1. central to AFA

6.3. giving ownership to parents and pupils

6.4. Parents fed up with negative comments with schools through communications.

6.4.1. AFA focus on positive communication.

6.5. 2009 Lamb enquiry suggested 51 recommedations

6.5.1. 2nd recommendations -Achievement for all

6.6. engagement with parents as consequence of AFA is very important

6.7. use of ICT - teachers and parents importance of planning

6.8. produce a tool/resources around assessment

6.8.1. in terms of assessment- very useful tool

6.9. through life of pilot - above 90%of parent engagment. compared to 25% before

6.10. AFA about to move beyond UK

6.10.1. community of practise moving into Europe

6.11. Transforming the school into a learning enviroment 24/7

6.12. focus on providing challenging targets

6.12.1. all about aspiration

6.13. opening up teachers minds to SEND

6.14. closing the gap between SEND but raising all children

6.14.1. how do you make Achievement for All purposeful to all pupils?

6.15. If you are going to provide more opportunties to all pupils

6.15.1. need to increase resources that are available

7. Professor Sonia Blandford

7.1. New ways of working & partnership

7.2. Currently nearly 500 schools involved

7.3. Leadership, working with parents, Teachers & creating opportunities

7.4. Coaches work with schools; package developed for 2 yr programme

7.5. School successfully meeting challenge & raising achievement reach Quality Mark

7.6. Up to 70% pupils in some schools SEND

7.7. Demonstrable, measurable success even exceeding expectations

7.8. AfA in 95 LAs

7.9. Improving learning

7.9.1. ICT changes how pupils learn; every child has the opportunity to access learning.

7.9.2. ICT allows SEND to achieve and exceed

7.9.3. AfA raises expectations

7.9.4. More work to do re ICT in secondaries

7.9.5. Ofsted report re weaknesses in T&L& ICT is being tackled - teachers are supported and enabled to change. Re-energised

7.9.6. Leaders need to work with AfA, parents need to be engaged and heard (not just when there are problems), pupils need ICT skills - SEND pupils are highest proportion using mobile technology to support learning, SEND in the classroom - AfA is mainstream and supporting equal opportunities

8. AfA is not an event but a way of working & thinking

8.1. Not all technologies suit all SEND

8.2. Strong research base of data (U Manchester)

8.3. Works in partnership with many other organisations. Build evidence of good practice

8.4. Every day there are children in classrooms that need to learn