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World-wide educational innovation (1) (Practitioners, Researchers and Policy Makers) by Mind Map: World-wide educational innovation (1) (Practitioners, Researchers and Policy Makers)
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World-wide educational innovation (1) (Practitioners, Researchers and Policy Makers)

what opportunities there are

Achievement for All Agenda

Teaching and learning

Wider opportunities

Leadership management

Parental engagement


Useful resources


New node

Assessment for learning

Should Assessment inform the learner

Can ICT support formative & informative learning?

Partnership (ITTE)

Absence of Becta - is missed

Shift in way we think of management of change in schools. Vacuum left by Becta

Teachers (& learners as researchers)

Strategic issues

Questions: small step assessment - how to use ICT to support esp SEND children in SEN & mainstream schools. Sharing knowledge

Sharing information. Parental need for real time assessment - engage in dialogue eg key targets

Importance of research evidence. Provenance - anecdote/robust. Rigorous methodology

Importance of fully involving children in learning journey. Use of ICT?

Significance of poverty/wealth

Removing barriers, engaging parents, learning from each other

New node

Twitter contributions Friday 13th January afternoon

#mmafa Combining an online concept map, a video stream and a Twitter stream with the F2F meeting for Global Education Innovation. cyberbrikkie John Cuthell

Margaret Cox

Dr Mary Webb

@eyebeams: Achievement for all from an iphone - LIVE at #bett2012 #MMAFA rslosek Rosie Slosek

we can look at the vacuum left by BECTa in either a positive or a negative way.. #mmafa mattpearson Matthew Pearson

#mmafa Sarah Younie on ways in which ICT impacts on vulnerable or disengaged learners. cyberbrikkie John Cuthell

Everyone enjoys learning new stuff . so get the parents involved in learning at the school, and that will engage vulnerable learners #mmafa mattpearson Matthew Pearson

#mmafa The mismatch between the use and potential of ICT for learning. cyberbrikkie John Cuthell

Sarah Younie

Back in Wales - big thanks to @eyebeams @cyberbrikkie @theokk and all at #mmafa for comments/opportunity to present sangeet Sangeet Bhullar

Well done and thank you to the students helping at #MMAFA rslosek Rosie Slosek

very rare face to face conversation with @tonyparkin at the #mmafa session, nearly all our contact is on twitter…. mattpearson Matthew Pearson

Thanks to mirandanet and #MMAFA and all the staff for excellent discussions and ideas share look forward to much more #BETT_show cliffmanning cliff manning

RT @rslosek: Well done and thank you to the students helping at #MMAFA sangeet Sangeet Bhullar