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ADDIE by Mind Map: ADDIE

1. Analysis: identifying learning objectives and target audience as well as potential variables for each.

1.1. Who needs this training?

1.2. Why does the target audience need this training?

1.3. What outcomes do we hope for at the end of the training? What do we hope the audience will have learned and how do we hope they will use that information/skill?

2. Design: specifying content to be delivered, discussing possible methods for delivery and navigation, and potential methods for assessment.

2.1. What content do we need to impart?

2.2. What are the learning objectives?

2.3. What is the best structure for delivering the information?

2.3.1. How should the material be organized and divided into units?

2.3.2. How should the material be encountered? What should it look like? Text? Visuals? Interactive?

2.4. What are the best methods for assessing learners?

2.5. How long do we have to teach and assess the material? Over what time period will this take place, how much time can we expect users to devote, and when does this have to start and end?

3. Development: create content and assessments in agreed upon interface and test for effectiveness.

3.1. What are the design aesthetics for this project?

3.2. How do we want users to navigate the information and assessments? Are there ways they could navigate the information/assessments in unintended ways and if so, do we want to permit or prevent that? If we want to prevent it, how do we do that?

3.3. Are there any content revisions we need to make?

3.4. Are there any surface revisions (i.e. grammar, spelling, etc.) we need to make?

4. Implementation: roll out to users and assist with and fix any user issues.

4.1. Are there any problems users are encountering? If so, how do we fix them?

4.2. What support do users seem to need to navigate the training and absorb the material? How can we best provide this support or adjust the user interface?

5. Evaluation: determine effectiveness of both content and usability for both client and user as well as consider any unintended (positive or negative) outcomes. Collect feedback from all stakeholders.

5.1. Did the users learn the material and demonstrate mastery of it?

5.2. Were the users impacted by the design or navigation in a way that prevented them from reaching the goals of the training?

5.3. What was most effective about the training?

5.4. Did the training result in the desired outcomes?

5.5. Were there unintended/unforeseen outcomes of the training? Were these positive or negative?

5.6. How do we capitalize on the positive/desired outcomes and reduce the unwanted outcomes?