Implementation of Technology in Elementary Education

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Implementation of Technology in Elementary Education by Mind Map: Implementation of Technology in Elementary Education

1. Course Information

1.1. Credits: 3

1.2. Credit Hours: 30

1.3. College Level Course

1.4. Blended Learning Environment

2. Analyze

2.1. Learning Objectives

2.1.1. Students will display knowledge of technology benefits in elementary education by analyzing provided resources and locating three resources to share with the class.

2.1.2. Learners will construct knowledge about developmentally appropriate technology use in elementary settings and display their learning by backing their claims with four facts backed by research.

2.1.3. When provided with resources, students will evaluate these resources based on their effectiveness and flexibility by creating a presentation based on research to show validity.

2.1.4. When given the opportunity to actively participate in discussions and display higher level thinking through thoughts and opinions students will answer weekly questions and respond to at least two classmates each week.

2.1.5. When provided with the correct resources, students will gain an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of specific devices through exploration and display this knowledge by providing 3-5 strengths and weakness for each device.

2.2. Understand Learners

2.2.1. Introductions

2.2.2. Informal Group Discussions

2.2.3. Learning Survey

3. Design

3.1. Learning Strategies

3.1.1. Collaborative Projects Create infographic about devices that are used in the classroom Week 5 Activity Create hyperdoc to introduce classmates to new resources Week 6 Activity Create an interactive timeline about the history of education technology Week 1 Activity

3.1.2. Online Discussion Board Weekly discussion board facilitated by students. One Question Per Week

3.1.3. Independent Projects Online resource evaluation Week 3 Activity Create a newsletter to families about how technology will be used in the classroom Week 8 Activity Use Flipgrid to discuss your beliefs on technology in elementary education Week 2 Activity Evaluate game-based learning Week 7 Activity Design a slideshow presentation about current trends in education technology Week 4 Activity

4. Develop Materials

4.1. Online Discussion Board

4.2. Course Syllabus

4.3. Learning Contract Outline

4.4. List of Resources

4.5. Rubrics

5. Implement

5.1. Feedback

5.1.1. Timely

5.1.2. Meaningful

5.1.3. Positive

5.2. Facilitate Discussions

5.3. Create Meaningful Experiences

5.4. Motivate Students

5.5. Create Community of Learners

6. Evaluate

6.1. Learner Reflection

6.2. Teacher Reflection

6.3. Course Survey

7. Weekly Discussion Questions

7.1. How has technology changed the way people learn?

7.2. How can technology be used to differentiate for students?

7.3. Is there such a thing as too much technology in schools?

7.4. What is your opinion about introducing technology to children at a young age?

7.5. What do you think elementary education will look like in 10 years.

8. Materials

8.1. Text Book

8.1.1. Integrating Educational Technology into Teaching: Transforming Learning Across Disciplines, with Revel -- Access Card Package (8th Edition) (What's New in Instructional Technology) 8th Edition

8.2. Videos

8.2.1. Gaming to re-engage boys in learning

8.2.2. How Technology Affects Young Children: What We Know about Media's Impact on Cognitive Development and Behavior

8.2.3. Technology in Education | Zayd Mian | [email protected]

8.3. Websites

8.3.1. iPads in the Classroom

8.3.2. Teaching in a Digital Age – The Open Textbook Project provides flexible and affordable access to higher education resources

8.3.3. The History of Online Schooling