Worship Team

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Worship Team by Mind Map: Worship Team

1. Members

1.1. Dan Lidstone - Creative Arts Pastor

1.1.1. Rachel Hammersley - Associate Worship Leader The Early Service/8am Gathering TES Vocalists The Center TC Vocalists

1.1.2. Ross Brown - Music Director Keys/Piano Doug Heckman TC/TES Scott Apple TC/TES Ricky Hunter TC/Students Elayne Goodman TES Paula Moore TES (Fill-in) Electric Guitar Ross Brown STAFF Eli Blakley Paige Senseman Students/TC Acoustic Guitar Dan Lidstone STAFF Eli Blakley Bass Matt Shelton Brad Rees James Burks Brett Reffeitt (Occasionally) Percussion Sandy Dillard Kelley (Sarge) Utley Drums Chris Atkinson Brandon Collins Ben Scott Horns TES Trumpet Trombone Saxophone Potential Volunteers AUDITION Chad Chalos - Bass Loren Hunt - Electric Robby Baumann - Drums Charley Cripe - Drums James Hashley - Keys

2. Weekend Execution

3. Weekend Prep

4. Non-Weekend Execution