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Master TB by Mind Map: Master TB

1. NS history Actual and Budget

2. TB current Actual

3. Current Year Budget

3.1. GL mapping and store mapping

4. Retail Finance Dataset

4.1. Retail only with target payroll

4.2. Target payroll is calculated by KPI combined

5. Finance P&L

5.1. C-team dashboard: Business Unit P&L

5.2. C-team dashboard: G&A Summary

5.3. ETL--CAPEX Budget

5.3.1. Finance Reporting: CAPEX

5.4. Finance Reporting: Retail Stores P&L

5.5. Finance Reporting: COGS BY Class by Department/ Location

5.6. Finance Reporting: Department P&L

6. Finance Rolling Total

6.1. Published

6.1.1. Finance Reporting: Retail CM/QTD/YTD

6.1.2. Finance Reporting: Computer IT expenses

6.2. Non-published/Pending

6.2.1. Finance Reporting: Board reporting CM L3M L12M

7. Retail by Location level 3 (with seasoned and unseasoned stores)

7.1. Retail by location by area leader

7.1.1. C-team dashboard: Retail P&L

7.1.2. C-Team Dashboard: Retail P&L: DOMO card - Retail budget vs actual summary