Honey Bees

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Honey Bees by Mind Map: Honey Bees

1. Worker Honey bees live up to six weeks! They don't sleep during that time. Worker Bumble bees live up to a year! They also don't sleep during that time.

2. All Bees are Hymenoptera (say hi-men-op-ter-ah). Hymenoptera is a Greek word. It means "membrane wings".

3. The honey bee (insects) have three body parts, The Abdomen, the Thorax and the head.

4. Bees do a lot for the Eco system. Like if there were no Bees, plants will die.

5. If the forager Bee can't find any honey some of the Hive Bees come and help.

6. Wasps are intruders to Bees because they steal the Honey.

7. The Honey Bee forager Bee finds nectar eats it then gathers more then they fly back to the hive. On the way the Bees tummy the sugar in the Nectar gets turned into Honey. When they get to the Hive they spew up the newly processed Honey and the Hive Bees put it on there tongues and let it dry.