Design Considerations

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Design Considerations by Mind Map: Design Considerations

1. Do you require timber to produce your lolly dispenser?

2. Are there any noticeable hazards with the lolly dispenser?

2.1. If so, what are they and how are they hazardous?

3. Aesthetics

3.1. Who is your target audience?

3.1.1. In other words, who would buy and/or use the product?

3.2. Consider the maze like feature.

3.2.1. Why would they be attracted by the appearance of this product? On the other hand, why wouldn’t they be attracted by the appearance of this product?

4. Finances

4.1. How much timber would you need?

4.1.1. How much would the timber cost in order to make this product?

4.2. How much would the labour cost?

4.3. How much would the product sell for?

4.3.1. Research other lolly dispenser on venue

4.4. Is it a profitable product?

4.4.1. Why or why not?

5. Ergonomics

5.1. Is the lolly dispenser easy to use for everyone?

5.1.1. Who would find it hard to use and why?

5.2. Is it tall enough or does it need to be elevated by a platform like a table?

5.2.1. Why is this the case?

6. Sustainability

6.1. If the lolly dispenser is mass produced, how would this affect the environment?

6.2. Does your lolly dispenser require electricity or power to operate or be maintained?

6.2.1. How does this affect the environment?

6.2.2. How would this conserve the environment?

6.3. What other materials could be used to produce your lolly dispenser?

7. Recyclability

7.1. In what ways could the timbers or finishers be recycled?

7.2. What type of finisher are you using for your lolly dispenser?

7.2.1. Can this finisher be easily recycled after use? Why or why not?

7.3. what type of timber are you using?

7.3.1. Can this timber be easily recycled after use? Why or why not?

8. Safety & Health

8.1. If it is considered safe, why is it considered safe?

8.2. Does the lolly dispenser promote the consumption of candy in moderation?

8.2.1. In other words, are people likely to eat less lollies with the lolly dispenser? Why or why not?

9. Quality

9.1. What type of timber is being used?

9.1.1. Is this considered a high quality timber? Why or why not?

9.2. What type of finisher is being used?

9.2.1. Is this considered a high quality finisher? Why or why not?

9.3. What are your expertise in making your product?

9.3.1. How would this affect the quality of your lolly dispenser?

10. Durability

10.1. Consider the timber, is it a softwood or hardwood?

10.1.1. What is its strength grading?

10.2. Consider the target audience and the strength grade of the timber, is the lolly dispenser prone to breakage?

10.2.1. Why or why not?