Hotel Manager

Daniel botero

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Hotel Manager by Mind Map: Hotel Manager

1. Planning maintenance work, events and room bookings

2. Maintaining statistical and financial records

3. Smanaging budgets

4. Recruiting, training and supervising staff

5. * What does a hotel manager do? It is responsible for managing employees, marketing and managing hotel services, such as catering and accommodation facilities.

6. Hotel managers of larger organizations may be primarily in the office

7. Managers of smaller establishments often have frequent contact with customers and employees

8. * Key skills for hotel managers You will also need excellent numerical, verbal and written communication skills

9. Good interpersonal skills and customer service are vital for roles involving contact with clients. Knowledge of foreign languages can be an advantage.

10. Typical employers of hotel managers * Hotel chains * Independent hotels and motels * Residential clubs * Resorts * Inns * Hotel and leisure groups

11. Functions of the hotel manager

12. Handling customer complaints and queries

13. Promoting and marketing the business

14. Ensuring compliance with health and safety legislation and licensing laws.

15. * Qualifications and training required There are routes into this career for both university graduates and school leavers. A hotel/catering management or hospitality qualification can be advantageous.