Integrating Technology in the Classroom

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Integrating Technology in the Classroom by Mind Map: Integrating Technology in the Classroom

1. Protocols

1.1. Expectations for technology use

1.2. Setting acceptable and unacceptable sites, social media, etc.

1.3. Teachers are able to use "black-out" screens to gain control over students' laptops

1.4. Setting ground rules for how students should behave with technology and tech usage.

2. Uses

2.1. Using Google Docs or Slides as a way for students to collaborate on group projects

2.2. Formative assessment

2.3. Research on tasks/projects

2.4. Receive student feedback/opinion through video, mind mapping tools, etc.

2.5. Create video projects individually or collaboratively

2.6. Digital notebooks

2.7. Ability to work more globally: look at projects from across the globe, talk to students in different countries, see live stream videos of science projects, etc.

3. Communication

3.1. Email daily, weekly, monthly updates or reminders to parents

3.2. Give students immediate feedback on assignments

3.3. Using Google Slides for transitions between class subjects, or as an agenda for the day

3.4. Hold online conferences for parents who cannot attend teacher-parent meetings in person

3.5. Teachers give students individualized suggestions for improvements on future assignments

4. Michelle Bau, Annie Kuo, Evelyn Nguyen, Traci Mura