Indian Business Communication

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Indian Business Communication by Mind Map: Indian Business Communication

1. Indian Culture

1.1. - Multiethnic

1.2. - 23 popular languages

1.3. - 29 states

1.4. - Ancient architecture

1.5. - Traditional festival

1.6. - Unconventional

2. Indian Greetings

2.1. Namaste: a form of palms touching each other and placed across the chest and say "Namaste".

3. Communication Style

3.1. Languages: the main language is Hindi. English is widely used in business, transactions.

3.2. Critique: Criticizing them indirectly as a way of respecting them.

3.3. Do not reject them frankly.

3.4. They often ask about your life, your family, your jobs,... to assess a person.

3.5. Indians address their partners with their titles.

4. Avoid in Indian communication Business

4.1. - Greeting

4.1.1. - The clenched shake hand is impolite

4.1.2. - Hand in pocket show a you are bully

4.1.3. - This is the action type of angry in Indian Mind

4.1.4. - Remembering the personality of Indian is skeptical. If you use the pressure tactics, they will " say goodbye" with you. You should prepare your spirit" i must be patient".

4.2. - Indians expect their partners to be polite.

4.3. - Half of India's vegetarian population adds a lot of religions( totaling more than 2 million gods) -> abstain from a lot of meat, especially beef.

4.4. - High-calss people don't drink much and don't use alcoholic beverages during meals.