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Mind map #1 by Mind Map: Mind map #1

1. After Creating your name as a topic, create a a child topic off of your name, titled "3 Favorite Discs"

1.1. Add the name of your 3 favorite discs as Child Topics of "3 Favorite Discs"

2. Getting Started with MindMeister: Create Your First Mind Map

3. Press Tab on the "Parent Topic" to create a Child Topic and you should get a bubble like this that you can fill in

4. Tommy

4.1. 3 Favorite Discs

4.1.1. Drone

4.1.2. Sidewinder

4.1.3. Compass

4.2. Lunch

4.2.1. What did I have for lunch? Halal guys falafel platter Why did you chose that? What can you have for lunch Something vegetarian What will make you feel good? Something that is appropriate for the moment Something you can reasonably afford What can you get to fit your time constraints?

5. If you are having issues with the map, watch this video

6. Kemper!!!!

6.1. 3 Favorite Discs

6.1.1. Emac Truth

6.1.2. Saint

6.1.3. Harp

6.2. 3 Favorite...types of discs?

6.2.1. Stable Flip Mid Range

6.2.2. Stable Flip Fairway

6.2.3. Hard Stable Putt/Approach

6.3. Close to work

6.4. What did I have for lunch?

6.4.1. Fried Filet Catfish and Side of Green Beans and Spanish Rice - with an Orangina for da drank! Why did you chose that? Close to Work Had it the day before, enjoyed it, wanted to roll it back Coworkers doubted my choice to order fish from a Gas Mart, wanted to prove them wrong/confirm my taste for new things Tired of the usual spot (capitalist Panera pigs) <$10

6.5. What can I have for lunch?

6.5.1. What can I have thats healthy

6.5.2. What Can I have that has vitamin c?

6.5.3. Who can I have lunch with? Coworkers Friends Enemies People I don't know

6.5.4. Do I want to eat somewhere with a view? Transforming the question Is the environment valuable? What environments do I find desirable? Is there a certain environment I'm looking for?

6.5.5. what are my healthiest options? Fast food vs sit down Pack vs Out Grocery vs prepared Green

7. Jessica

7.1. 3 Favorite Discs

7.1.1. Fuse

7.1.2. Ruby

7.1.3. Jade

8. Justin

9. Shawn

9.1. 3 favorite discs

9.1.1. TL

9.1.2. Flat top roc

9.1.3. JC Aviar

9.2. what I had for lunch

9.2.1. Tacos Why? Quick to make My wife fixed them for me I could eat them on the go (was in a rush) Ingredients were readily available Had some tasty Vampfire hot sauce to go with them

10. Jeremy

11. Jack

11.1. 3 favorite discs

11.1.1. Tesla

11.1.2. XXX

11.1.3. Pa3

11.2. What did I have for lunch?

11.2.1. Chipotle Why? Quick and next to my house It was the first meal of the day for me I love Chipotle I was trying to get those calories in, ya feel me? IT had been 6 days since I last had it, so it was time.

11.3. How can I decide what to have for lunch?

11.3.1. What can I have that is cheap

11.3.2. What can I have that is healthy/boosts calories

11.3.3. What can I have that is different

11.3.4. What can I have that satisfies my hunger? Something that can take the place of multiple meals.

11.3.5. What can I have that lasts?

11.3.6. What can I have that tastes good? What am I feeling right now, what would be most delicious?

11.3.7. What can I have that is easy to get?

11.3.8. What can I have that I am familiar with?

11.3.9. Should I have something that I am familiar with?

11.3.10. Should I try something different?

11.3.11. Why do I want to have lunch?

11.3.12. Do I need lunch?

11.3.13. What am I having for dinner? I don't know when I will have dinner

12. Lunch Excercise

12.1. Did you actually feel all those reasons at the time?

13. Samyo

13.1. Discs

13.1.1. Yellow DX Aviar 3

13.1.2. 12x KC XL Stamp Star Wraith

13.1.3. Eraser Wizard

13.2. Lunch

13.2.1. 3 Eggs with Turkey I looked in the fridge and found turkey i didnt know was there I only had 20 mins before Dubs so it had to be quick No bread so i knew i had to whisk the eggs in order to get a nice consistency Protein for days I won CTP today, I think this is the first time all year. Thanks Turkey sandwich