Route 38 Business Plan

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Route 38 Business Plan by Mind Map: Route 38 Business Plan

1. IT

1.1. G Suite Admin

1.2. O365 Admin

1.3. Desktops / Laptops

1.3.1. Purchasing

1.3.2. OS install if nec

1.3.3. Setting up workstation User Gmail / Chrome account O365 Account / outlook Adobe pdf (pro if nec) Share Access Keyboard Mouse Monitor

1.3.4. Data Recovery

1.3.5. Data Backup

1.3.6. Cleaning Machines

1.4. Software

1.4.1. R38 Admin System

1.4.2. Third Party Software Teamviewer

1.5. Support

1.5.1. Tech Calls Phones Remote stations Laptops

1.5.2. Business Center Printers Wifi / Network Narishkeit

2. Admin

2.1. Office

2.1.1. Finding office space

2.1.2. maintenance of facility Cleaner Tikkunim Shiputzim

2.1.3. supplies snacks and drinks dry goods paper goods office supplies cleaning supplies

2.1.4. rent contract rent payment utiliities payments land lordrelationship rent and utility related paper work

2.1.5. business center billing and receipts set up and maintenance Sales (inbound calls) supplies cleaner printing

2.2. Team Support

2.2.1. contracts

2.2.2. employee forms

2.2.3. receipts

2.2.4. bank statements

2.3. Receipts

2.4. Invoices

2.5. Timesheets

3. Finance

3.1. P&L

3.2. Monthly Reports

3.3. Projections

3.4. Expenses

3.5. Budget

3.6. Cash Flow

3.7. Salaries/Incentives (Internal)

3.8. Bookkeeping

3.8.1. Expenses

3.8.2. CMK's

3.8.3. Monthly Reporting to MH/BL/VAT

3.8.4. Interface w/Briticom

3.8.5. Interface w/Aboulafia

3.8.6. Draft/Release of Expense Payments

4. Operations

4.1. Salaries

4.1.1. communication with employee about disbursement needs design tlush pay salary

4.2. Accounts

4.2.1. reconcile employee accounts and disburements be sure all income is recorded insure disbursements are recorded correctly

4.3. Pensions

4.3.1. insure that each employee meets a pension rep to open a pension that suits there needs insure that fund is set up by the requred time sign and return all neccessary documentation

4.4. Expenses

4.4.1. review and approve all employee expenses review documentation forward documentation and explanation to finance/accounting

4.5. Clients

4.6. client billing

4.6.1. review employee salary information and run salary estimates when neccesary send billing information or updates to back office insure invoice goes out

4.7. tax payments

4.7.1. review each tlush to be sure tax payments are calculated appropriately reconcile reports with payments approve tax payments for Accounting to pay

4.8. signing on new employees

4.8.1. employee card insure 101, tz, employee contract are signed revlevant documents are forwards to accounting

4.8.2. client billing understand salary needs run estimates when neccessary

4.8.3. timesheets insure that employee has access to timesheet system or a different system for sending time sheets that we are comfortable with

4.8.4. internal set up insure all data relating to the employee is entered in our system insure all data relating to the client(S) are entered into the system

4.8.5. client contract complete and sign business contract with client LEGAL

4.8.6. TROUBLESHOOTING iron out any additional issues, paper work, requests that are neccessary

4.9. time sheets

4.9.1. review employee timesheets monthly apply data to tlush follow up with clinet when neccessary (ex: vacation requests)

4.9.2. follow up with employees who do not submit timesheets second notice/ policy

4.10. tlushim

4.10.1. reeview employee account balance review ongoing or special instructions regarding disbursement of funds` compile all tlush instructions including, base salary + bonus, hours and days, vacation balance, havraah, pension instructions, pension tax limits, reimbursements..... PER EMPLOYEE and forward to accounting in a clear organized fasion

4.11. consultations

4.12. termination of employees

4.12.1. shimuah send termination docs/letter of termination for signature and file

4.12.2. prepare final tlush including balance of all benifits close account

4.12.3. request final statement from pension company prepare 161 form (accounting) send 161 to pension company with copy an dinstructions to employee

4.13. HR

5. Legal

5.1. Employee Contracts

5.2. B2B Contracts

5.2.1. Task Orders Task Order Changes

5.3. LLC/LTD Contract

5.3.1. Internal Task Orders

5.4. Mas Hacnasa Issues

5.5. BTL Issues

5.6. Ma"M Opinion

5.6.1. Opinion - Shay. Review, discuss, approve

5.7. Employment issues

5.7.1. Disgruntled employees

6. Marketing

6.1. To Individuals

6.1.1. Estimates

6.1.2. Sales Pitch

6.1.3. Website (LTD)

6.1.4. Social Media

6.2. To Companies

6.2.1. Estimates

6.2.2. Sales Pitch Other verticals Multiple Employees/Growth

6.2.3. Website (LLC)

6.2.4. Social Media

6.3. Seminar/Workshop Circuit

6.3.1. PP Presentation

6.4. CPAs

7. Sales

7.1. Tlush Service

7.1.1. Initial Contact Employee Application Interview

7.1.2. Post Registration Relationship

7.2. Employer of Record Service

7.2.1. Initial Contact Sales Pitch/Negotiation Applications/Interviews

7.2.2. Post Registration Relationship

7.3. office space/desk

7.4. Opening/Management of Private Companies

8. Verticals?

8.1. Investments

8.2. Opening companies for others

8.3. Consultation

8.3.1. NBN Consultation

8.4. R38 Discount Card

8.5. Startup Building

8.6. Michraz / Govnment Grants

8.7. HR Services

9. Wellness Center?

10. LLC?

11. Team Development / Growth

11.1. Yemai Gibush

11.2. Furthering Education

11.3. Building Individual potential