Duty of counsel

mind map duty of counsel

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Duty of counsel by Mind Map: Duty of counsel

1. duty to court

1.1. not to mislead the court

1.1.1. case: Rondel v Worsley

1.2. not to withhold authorities

1.2.1. R H Somapah Deceased

1.3. not to misrep witness

1.3.1. R JLP Haris

1.4. to prevent the court from illegal transaction

1.4.1. Mercantile Credit Co Ltd v Hamblin

1.5. not to cast aspersion on witness

1.5.1. Roy v Prior

1.6. no duty to inform court about the dis-credibility of witness

1.6.1. Meek v Fleming

2. duty to client

2.1. Ronder v Worsley

2.2. Tombling v Universal Bulb Co

3. duty to society

3.1. S.42(1)(g)LPA

3.2. S.42(1)(i)LPA

3.3. Rajasooria v Disciplinary Committee

3.4. Duty to initiate law reform

3.5. Duty to educate public of their legal rights

4. duty to opposing counsels

4.1. duty of fairness to opposing counsel/duty not cast aspersions on opposing counsel

4.1.1. Clyde v New South Wales Bar Association

4.2. Duty not to engage in personal bickering with opposing counsel in court

4.2.1. Beevis v Dawson

4.3. Counsel acting for a party in a proceedings should not be subpoenaed as a witness unless necessary

4.3.1. Wong Sin Chong & Anor v Bhagwan Singh

5. special duty for criminal lawyer

5.1. Prosecuting Counsel

5.1.1. R v Banks

5.2. Defence Counsel

5.2.1. S.126 of EA

5.2.2. Tuckiar v The King