Wed Design Draft

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Wed Design Draft by Mind Map: Wed Design Draft

1. Home

1.1. Describe business: sheep/wool farm

1.2. Briefly describe products: wool, hand-made items, gifts

1.3. Picture of wool product

2. About Us

2.1. Describe farming methods: sustainable, ethical, humane

2.2. Describe sheep: breed, why this breed, etc.

2.3. Describe location: near Joshua Tree National Park, beautiful desert location

2.4. Picture of happy sheep

3. Products

3.1. Unspun wool: describe what this means

3.2. Spun wool: describe what this means

3.3. Hand-made products: clothing, decorations, blankets, etc.

3.4. Picture of something I made with wool

4. Contact Us

4.1. Name

4.2. Address

4.3. Phone

4.4. Email

4.5. Picture of the land where the farm will be