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Tasks by Mind Map: Tasks

1. Budget

1.1. Admin Refinery budget

1.1.1. Car policy: end of Aug 2019

1.1.2. Documentation about Mob/Demob base on demand basic

1.2. Opex/capex breakdown

2. Transfer secondee car rental

2.1. Transfer ODB

3. RFCC Follow up with Anh Ninh

4. bid package "Provision of Housekeeping Service in NSRP Refinery"

4.1. Forming Step

5. Check Input template vs

6. Excom request - DCSM - Bang follow

7. Draft email for budget workshop

8. Update số liệu Capex

9. Check vs anh Kien UOP

10. Update số liệu Capex

11. Transfer fund - Crude to cover - E&C offtaker