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Kir's new job by Mind Map: Kir's new job

1. Market Intelligence

1.1. Databases to be familiar with

1.1.1. IMS

1.1.2. Comcon Ipsos-Comcon

1.1.3. Qlik (BI platform)

1.1.4. Tableau (BI platform)

1.1.5. Microsoft (BI platform)

1.1.6. MS-Health

1.1.7. DSM

1.1.8. GFK

1.2. introduction of new mathematical methods of analysis

1.2.1. SQL

1.2.2. VBA

1.3. Examples

1.3.1. — Previous experience in an online fraud prevention environment is desirable; — Knowledge and experience with tools and techniques used to identify and prevent fraud; — Knowledge of SQL; — University bachelors degree or above is required — Programming background (PHP) is a plus; — Experience with Python, R, VBA, or other automation-focused languages is a big plus; — Strong analytical skills and attention to detail; the ability to spot trends and identify unusual patterns — Proficient English language skills