Organising Zero Waste Events

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Organising Zero Waste Events by Mind Map: Organising Zero Waste Events

1. Technical

1.1. Measuring waste and KPIs

1.2. Top three low-hanging-fruit actions

1.3. Water requirements and eliminating plastic bottles

2. Promoting Zero Waste Events

2.1. Report "Typical Waste production in Events"

2.2. Case Studies of Zero Waste Events

2.3. Making the case for ZWE and cost implications

3. Best Case Studies

4. People

4.1. List of in-house experts for Zero Waste Events

4.2. List of external experts for Zero Waste Events

5. Briefing Stakeholders

5.1. Breifing the client

5.2. Briefing for the event design team

5.3. Briefing for the production team

5.4. Briefing the teams on the event

5.5. Briefing for suppliers

6. From Conversation to Real Project