TA for Joie Jewelry

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TA for Joie Jewelry by Mind Map: TA for Joie Jewelry

1. details of females profiles by age

1.1. 20-30 women who are nearly married or in the relationship, take photos of their family , friend, co-workers, food, travel

1.1.1. how to look interesting

1.1.2. secrets of content

1.2. 30-40 women who are mothers, wives on maternity leave, self employed have their blogs on family, fashion, travels... take photos of their kids, dogs and day today leaving

1.2.1. how to sell on Instagram

1.2.2. how to get more followers

1.2.3. how to be social in the comfort of their own home.

1.3. 40-50 women who are professionals, career oriented women, small bissness owners independent for the most part take photos of their lifestyles

1.3.1. how to show their success

1.4. 50-60 women who are financially comfortable, established have status in life, take photos of food, travel, grandkids, animals

1.4.1. how to shear their happiness.

2. interests

2.1. photos

2.2. healthy life style

2.3. kids

2.4. pats

2.5. beauty products

2.6. food

2.7. events business or social

2.8. fashion

2.9. travel