Corinne Brown's Mind map.

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1. Design

1.1. A plan and prototype of how the learning will be delivered

1.2. Storyboard using a simplified version of the software or program being used to deliver the learning (i.e. Powerpoint, word, google slides, etc.)

2. Analyze

2.1. An analysis of the learning that needs to occur

2.2. Knowledge Gap: Identify your target learner and knowledge they need to gain

2.3. Identify the outcome your learners should achieve at the end of your learning

3. Development

3.1. Content of the learning is written in this phase

3.2. The most important design decisions must be made at this point to ensure the learner is not overwhelmed by the technology delivering the content

3.2.1. Content is written and delivered based on the design stage

4. Implement

4.1. Course is delivered

4.2. The course is live on a network for learners such as an LMS, an LXP, or a PLE

5. Evaluate

5.1. Ensure students have met your Goal

5.2. Analyze data to determine further learning for students

5.3. Analyze Data to improve the learning that was developed from original goal